Applying for Membership

The Four Sister’s Co-op accepts applications during the months of January and July only. All applications received outside of these months will not be accepted and will need to be resubmitted. All applicants must confirm their application every six months to be considered for membership

Would I make a good co-op member?

A co-op is not like other housing. We’re not just looking for tenants to pay monthly rent and fill the suites. Nor are we looking for people who just need a place to stay for a few months. We’re looking for good, co‑operative members who will actively contribute to our community.

Before applying, if you are not already familiar with how co-ops work, please take time to review the about co-ops page.

Please include a cover letter with your application form. The cover letter is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the membership committee. What should you include? That’s really up to you, however, you may wish to consider answering the following:

  • Why do I want to live in a co-operative housing community?
  • What can I bring to this community that will make it an even better place to live?
  • How have I contributed to communities that I’ve lived in?
  • Am I willing to actively participate in the day-to-day operations of the co-op?

If you think you’d make a good co-op member, print the application form, complete it in full, don’t forget to include a cover letter, and mail or email it to:

Four Sisters Housing Co-operative,
Membership Committee

Four Sisters Co-op
153 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 3Z1


email to:
ATT: Membership

If you'd like to receive an application form by mail, place a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope inside a larger envelope and mail it to the address above.

About the Application Process

To live in a co-op, you must first become a member. A person interested in applying for membership must submit both a cover letter and a completed application form. If a vacancy arises, the applicant is contacted by the co-op’s membership committee and invited to an interview. All adults listed on an application form must attend the interview, children are also encouraged to attend.

After interviewing the applicant(s) the membership committee makes a recommendation to the co-op’s board of directors as to whether or not the applicant(s) would make good co-op member(s). The board then passes a motion to accept, or reject, the applicant(s) as member(s). Before moving in, membership fees, the share purchase, and the monthly housing charge must be paid.

About Membership

The co-op will designate one adult as a principal member for a suite. The principal member is responsible for the suite. If the principal member decides to leave the co-op, their membership ends and all other residents living in the suite must vacate as well.

Keeping Your Application Active

If you've already applied for membership and want your application to remain active, you must confirm your interest every 6 months by writing to the Membership Committee.

Housing Charges & Share Purchase

Suite Size Number Market Rate Share Purchase Membership Fee
Bachelor   26 $654 $450 $10
Bachelor accessible suite 5 $654 $450 $10
1 - Bedroom   54 $859 $650 $10
1 - Bedroom accessible suite 5 $859 $650 $10
2 - Bedroom   39 $1112 $820 $10
2 - Bedroom accessible suite 9 $1112 $820 $10
3 - Bedroom   14 $1290 $940 $10
3 - Bedroom accessible suite 1 $1290 $940 $10
Total Suites: 153 Rates effective as of September 1, 2019